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Support urged for longtime resident who supports our values

Our local newspaper has chosen to endorse a candidate for the state Senate based on party affiliation.

The rationale was that she would be more effective because the Democrats are predicted to be the majority party. I see this “logic” as faulty.

We should be selecting a senator based on experience, education and values that reflect our district. Our area has been more conservative than the west side of the state for years.

Many of us would argue that we currently suffer from the COVID-19 restrictions that have been placed on us by the Democratic leadership of our state. We should be supporting a longtime resident who has worked hard on his ag business for years — not one who recently married a farmer and uses photos of the “family” farm in her ads.

I think that the Democrats can still attempt to enact their legislative agenda with Perry Dozier serving as our Republican state Senator and representing our values.

Bruce W. Johnson

Walla Walla

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