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Dozier understands the needs of this district

There are many of us growing tired of this voting cycle, but I must take this opportunity to state my utmost support of Perry Dozier for District 16 state senator.

Perry Dozier was raised here, raised his family here, owned a business here, served here and has participated in growing economic vitality here.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with “there,” but here we live life differently than “there” and need representation that understands that. An understanding from the roots up.

As with most candidates, this is not an R or D or whatever, issue for me. And Perry has proven that for me. When our government chose to harmfully close our economy in March, Perry began approaching business owners, not Republicans or Democrats, to see what their real need and experience was.

How refreshing is that?! He understands that life lived here is dependent upon all participants, all citizens, all business owners, all men, women, and children, living to their fullest and succeeding together.

This is also why the majority of his financial support is from here, not “there.” He, and those supporting him recognize that his desire is to represent us in the most authentic way possible, without capitulating to the greater numbers of people and money from the westside of our state.

Furthermore, his stated support of our law enforcement helps us to know exactly where he stands. Unlike those who say, “you’ll have to wait until I’m elected to see what I believe,” his transparency is refreshing, needed and respectful of all those he will continue to serve.

I hope this all resonates with you and that you’ll join me in voting Dozier for District 16 state senator.

G. Louis Hemenway

College Place

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