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Dozier wants to do what's right for the people

Elect Dozier for Senate

I’ve known Perry Dozier for over 40 years. He is the same great guy I met in 1980.

We were roommates at WSU. Perry and Darlene got engaged and he finished his education at Whitman, but we’ve been friends ever since.

Over the years Perry and I have talked local, county and state politics on many occasions.

In my current position as the CFO of the Mead School District in Spokane County we have talked on numerous occasions about K-12 education issues. Not from the state perspective but from the perspective of the local school district.

Perry cares deeply about how these issues affect the people and the local economy. In addition, he wants to get it right. He wants to know both sides of the issues but he is always going to do what is right for the people of the district.

He will make a great state senator.

Wayne Leonard


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