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“​My experience is diverse and my desire is strong​”

           This is the building block for our future

  • Early Learning and K-12 leads to increased opportunities for our youth.

  • A strong foundation will foster the desire to achieve.

  • The workforce is comprised of many different skills and educational levels and all are vital cogs in a successful economy and life.

                           Advanced education 

  •  Vo-tech, BA, BS, Masters or Doctorate, all make up these cogs.


  • County Commissioner representative on WorkSource Walla Walla  and Workforce Development Council.

  • Knowledge of the state funding for many projects to help employ people.

  • I will continue to advocate for and support these programs.



  • Involvement in agriculture is where my environmental respect has been fostered.

  • My entire life has revolved around the changing issues faced by all of society.



  • As a Washington Association of Wheat Growers President, I had the opportunity to learn and discuss the many complex issues of air and water quality.

  • I have worked with the Washington State Department of Ecology and also with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC.


  • During my 8 years as a County Commissioner, I served on the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board and the Walla Walla Watershed Partnership.

  • Both of these boards work to find solutions on habitat, water quality, conservation, and use for our farms, family, and fish.




                          US and State Economies

  •  Economies are thriving in a Macro view

  •  Some sectors are still trying to recover within our district.


  • Problems still exist in agriculture and many businesses struggle with legislation passed down from Olympia which leads to difficulty in profitability.

  • Whether it is excess regulation or taxation, it has a negative effect on the prosperity in our region and state.

  • Retention of existing businesses and expansion of new helps to not only employ people but also lessens the tax burden on the individual residents by broadening the tax base.


  • We need to be a business-friendly state for all to succeed and prosper.


The majority of the products grown or built in the 16th district are transported either for domestic use or exported 



  • We are very fortunate to have three modes of transportation for these goods. This being Road, River, and Rail.

  • These are very important to the economy not only in our district but all of Washington State.



  • I have been a strong advocate of all modes of transportation and have had the opportunity to testify before the Senate Sub Committee on Transportation in Washington, DC on these issues.

  • I will support and protect these much needed forms of transportation.


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Washington's 16th Legislative District

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