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Dozier has proven track record fighting for our needs

Although I was never going to vote for Danielle Garbe Reser (no legislative experience, many empty promises and heavy contributions from the other side of the state, where the population has no idea of our area’s needs), at least I thought she would conduct a fair campaign.

I was wrong.

She carefully and artfully alluded to the Dozier land use request in a way to stir up emotions but without all facts, in an attempt to throw dirt. Shameful.

I am voting for Perry Dozier, the candidate who does have legislative experience, the true knowledge of the needs of our area and district and its citizens and someone with a proven track record of fighting to meet those needs, and who is an honorable person to boot.

I hope you will join me.

Connie R. Vinti

Walla Walla

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