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Perry Dozier understands balancing a budget

During this time in our community, an election has never been more important and that is why Perry Dozier has my vote for state Senate, 16th Legislative District.

I have known Perry for years. He is a life-long resident of our area and is a small business owner. Translation: He knows what our businesses are going through right now and how to best serve them and their employees. During my 13 years as executive director of the Moms’ Network of Walla Walla, Perry was a consistent supporter concerned about our local families and the ability they had to access local resources. Translation: He has deep knowledge about our local nonprofit and government resource but unless they are easily available, they cannot accomplish the mission of supporting families. Most importantly, he is the only candidate running for sate Senate with experience balancing a budget and saving our essential services during a recession. Translation: He knows the importance of funding public health, education and transportation during difficult economic challenges without taxing residents and businesses. Perry has served Eastern Washington for 20 years. I am supporting and voting for Perry because he is a leader that will unite us in Olympia and represent our needs in Eastern Washington. Beth Swanson Walla Walla

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