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Perry Dozier has done much for our communities

Perry Dozier, as a county commissioner and citizen, has provided many benefits to our communities. The completion of 7th Street rebuild in Waitsburg with streets, sidewalks, etc. was aided by Perry, while a commissioner, to secure funding for this project to aid in its completion.

I question the validity of many items our media reports now days as most appear one sided and biased instead of letting the reader draw their own conclusion as reporting used to and still should be done! What would Edward R. Morrow do if he witnessed the true lack of journalism portrayed today?

Being an active member of the community, Valley and state on various levels, it is hard for most individuals who have seen his positive influence through his various roles being narrowed down to a single action of biased reporting where others are choosing what he should or should not do with their (his families) land.

For someone who has dedicated and served this Valley and state in various roles, whose name is known for more than this, who will stop and visit with you in the grocery store or Home Depot for that matter — he is a true representation and knows this Valley!

February, during the flood, Perry stood shoulder to shoulder with neighbors and community members filling sandbags, loading trucks for deliveries to affected areas when his own home was threatened — he was there to help his community! He is out and about, willing to help/listen and problem solve!

To have a candidate with a moral compass, willing to get into the trenches, lending a helping hand — that is who I would vote for hands down any given day!

As John F. Kennedy stated:

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”

To all who question Perry, give me and all who read this a list of things Perry has done which has positively influenced as well as hurt our community, Valley and state? I ask the same for Danielle Garbe Reser since I had never heard of or about her before this summer — what has she really done?

Join me in voting for Perry for state Senate.

Cindy Daves


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