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Get the facts on Doziers' permit request

I would like to clarify misinformation that continues to be perpetuated relative to Perry and Darleen Dozier’s application for an additional use on their agricultural zoned personal property.

In an effort to explore opportunities to diversity the use of their property, Perry and Darleen Dozier, not unlike many other landowners in the county, applied to Walla Walla County for a “text code amendment” to permit a water bottling facility in the agricultural zoned areas of Walla Walla County, the same process wineries, breweries and distilleries have applied for and been granted for many years.

This application was relative to “land use” and not water use. The county has no jurisdiction over water rights. The state of Washington Department of Ecology governs water rights and usage.

Perry Dozier’s opponent in the state senate race is suggesting the use of the Dozier’s 75-year-old senior deep basalt water right is having an impact on her streams drying up; however, streams are surface water, not fed by the deep basalt aquifer.

The Doziers’ application somehow became confused with Nestlé engaging in conversations with Waitsburg exploring the possibility of purchasing a portion of the city’s spring water for the purpose of bottling. These two occurrences were totally separate and the Doziers have never had any communication with Nestlé or any commercial bottling company.

After the application for the text code amendment was in process, the Doziers chose to withdraw the application and pursue an opportunity to utilize their private property and water right on a specialty crop.

The Doziers were not requesting any use that had not already been granted to many other personal property owners in Walla Walla County.

Please make an effort to research an issue prior to believing false statements purporting to discredit a candidate’s actions, qualifications or knowledge.

Perry Dozier’s character and integrity epitomizes that of a great statesman. He will answer to no one except the residents of the 16th Legislative District and I ask that you join me in voting for him to be our next state senator.

Pam Ray

Walla Walla

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