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Garbe Reser's recent campaign ad disappointing

I’m sure many of you have seen the Danielle Garbe Reser TV ads supporting her 16th District Senate race. Until recently I would characterize them as appropriate and, in her opinion, accurate. That is, until the one I saw the other day.

I know Danielle to be an individual of honesty and integrity, which is why I was disappointed in this recent ad. In it she states several inaccuracies surrounding the Perry and Darleen Dozier application for an additional use on their agricultural zoned land.

To be very clear, this was a “land use” issue, not water use. I was involved in the public discussion of this as a sitting Walla Walla County commissioner.

And, I strongly urge you to refer to a letter to the editor dated Oct. 11 submitted by retired Walla Walla County Commissioner Pam Ray, which clearly explains the true facts surrounding the issue and debunks the myth that the Doziers had anything to do with the Nestle proposal to the city of Waitsburg, another point that was incorrectly stated in Danielle’s most recent ad.

I’m fine with ads promoting one’s self for election to public office but disappointed when candidates go “low” and relies on information I’m sure they know in their heart is not correct and, at the very least, will mislead the electorate.

I believe the vast majority of voters feel the same way.

As I stated in a previous letter in support of Perry Dozier, in my nearly nine years as a county commissioner, and based on my work and interactions with the state Legislature, I have come to realize the legislators most willing to set political ideologies aside in order to develop solutions cooperatively that benefit our citizens locally and statewide are those whose political backgrounds are grounded in local government service as Perry’s is as a former Walla Walla County commissioner.

I’ve also worked with the current Legislature enough to know it is naïve to think a new, rural, self-proclaimed moderate will have enough clout to convert the majority opinions of her party. This is true of both parties but the answer is to at least try to create a balance.

That is why I am supporting Perry in this important election and I urge you to do the same.

Jim Johnson

Walla Walla

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