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Dozier will represent parents, laborers and others

Our region must come together to vote and elect Perry Dozier for state Senate from the 16th Legislative District.

This election puts us at a crossroads of where we will be in a few years.

Will we be more in debt? Will parents’ choices on how to raise their children be infringed on even further? Will hardworking laborers who make our region so vibrant go unrepresented?

All these are issues that affect me personally, my parents who work the fields and processing plants, my children who I am choosing to raise in a conservative manner.

Perry Dozier will ensure that all these are represented in manner that reflect the values, morals, and economic need of the residents in the 16th District.

I ask that you please take a moment, educate yourself, and vote responsibly. I am proud to support Perry for state Senate. Esther Duncan Burbank

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