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Dozier was an excellent county commissioner

I am writing in support of Perry Dozier to be our next state senator for the 16th Legislative District.

This is my first-ever letter to the editor. I served as the clerk of the board to the Board of Walla Walla County Commissioners for over 25 years. County commissioners must be responsible, caring, knowledgeable, willing to listen and learn and make informed, sometimes hard, decisions on behalf of the citizens of the county.

Perry was an excellent county commissioner. He came into the position with considerable experience in dealing successfully with officials at the local, state and federal level. With his economics degree and background in farming and marketing, he brought another perspective to the board.

He always took time to listen to constituents and employees to learn and understand their concerns and to do what he could to help. During budget discussions, he made sure he understood the operations of each county office and department so that he could make educated decisions.

When finances got tight, he and the other two commissioners froze their salaries for years, and understanding the plight of fellow citizens, refused to raise the county portion of property taxes.

In fact, Walla Walla County was one of the very few counties in the state with a solid financial standing during recession years, as the commissioners have always budgeted and spent conservatively, and maintained a reserve fund.

Serving as a county commissioner, in addition to tending to his business and farming interests throughout the district, has provided Perry with solid facts about the issues at stake.

In addition to all the legislative knowledge and experience he will bring to the office of state senator, Perry is a very empathetic person who works to find a solution for those in need, and he has a soft heart.

When the Blue Mountain Humane Society needed a home for Gus the goose, Perry took him, and he now rules the roost at the Dozier farm, along with “the girls” (a flock of laying hens), the dogs, cats, horses and cattle.

Perry is a wonderful, knowledgeable, dedicated, caring person of integrity who will represent all of us in the 16th Legislative District well, bringing his experience, fiscal responsibility, compassion and “know how” to the office of state senator.

Please join me in voting for Perry.

Connie R. Vinti

Walla Walla

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