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Dozier is someone you can trust

If you favor someone who:

• Believes in individual liberty and a healthy private sector.

• Is dedicated to reduce excessive regulations.

• Believes in sound public policy founded on market-based solutions.

• Is dedicated to reduce a growing government presence.

• Believes in reducing government expenses before increasing taxes.

• Has spent his working career in the private sector – not the government sector.

Then, you have a clear choice among candidates for the 16th Legislative District of the Washington state Senate: Perry Dozier. He is someone you can trust.

Plus, it is unhealthy to have Washington state’s governor and both branches of its Legislature dominated by one party. Our country’s founders believed in checks and balances and were well aware that a centralized, bureaucratic government under one-party rule historically doesn’t work.

We should seek to restore legislative balance by electing Dozier — for all the right reasons.

Jock Edwards

Walla Walla

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