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Dozier is pragmatic, thoughtful and analytical

I personally know the candidates for the 16th District Senate seat currently being contested. They are fine people, each with a history of public service.

That said, I had the privilege of serving with one of them, Perry Dozier, for nearly five years as Walla Walla County commissioner. When you work with someone nearly every day, dealing with issues that effect the daily lives of our citizens and the health and vitality of our community, you really get to know the person. Perry is truly one of the most pragmatic, thoughtful, and analytical people I’ve ever been around. Perry is an excellent listener and is always willing, indeed anxious, to hear as much input from people regarding issues before him, particularly input that may differ in some ways from his own opinions. I’ve seen his willingness to change his mind when he’s been convinced his initial position might not have been correct. He does his homework and is always prepared before he votes on anything. Perry was born and raised in this district. He and his family have farmed on both sides of the Snake River giving him perspective that includes not just Walla Walla County but also those areas of Benton and Franklin County within the 16th District. I can’t tell you how many times his degree in economics was an asset as he performed his duties as a county commissioner. That also gives him a clear understanding of the tourism industry that has become such an important part of our economy, while having the agricultural background, so vital to this region. This makes him the best qualified candidate to represent us in Olympia. He has spent enough time in Olympia, as both a county commissioner and a farmer, to nurture some relationships that will serve him well as your next state senator. For these reasons, as well as many more I could name, please join me in voting for Perry for state Senate, 16th District. Jim Johnson Walla Walla

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