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Dozier has in-depth knowledge and experience

On occasion, the 16th Legislative District has the opportunity to elect a new state senator. When we do, it is important to elect an individual with the most extensive knowledge and comprehensive experiences in our district which will assist the senator while representing us in Olympia.

Education complimenting the responsibilities of the position and relationships with the current and former state and federal delegations is a point that shouldn’t be overlooked as it will also be beneficial in representing our district.

Perry Dozier is the candidate with the in-depth knowledge, broad experiences and relevant education seeking this position. He is a life-long resident of the district and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Whitman College.

He has farmed in both Franklin and Walla Walla counties for over 40 years and his community service extends throughout his entire adult life. Perry has served in numerous leadership positions over the years working on behalf of the wheat and barley industries.

Perry is no stranger in Olympia or Washington. D.C. At the request of U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, he testified before Congress on the importance of maintaining our transportation options in Eastern Washington to transport our commodities. During his tenure as a Walla Walla County commissioner (2009-2016), he lobbied on county government issues in Olympia as well as Washington, D.C.

Our current and former state senators and representatives — Maureen Walsh, Mike Hewitt, Terry Nealey and Dave Mastin — from the 16th Legislative District have worked with Perry for over 20 years, respect his abilities to represent the residents of the district and in fact, have endorsed his candidacy for this important position.

He is a fiscal conservative and socially moderate individual.

Perry is a true statesman with integrity and character. He is the most overall knowledgeable and qualified candidate seeking this Senate seat.

I would encourage you to view his website ( to learn more about him. Please join me in voting for Perry Dozier on the Primary ballot Aug. 4.

Pam Ray

Walla Walla

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