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Adding a Democrat to Senate majority is concerning

"It's true. Gov. Jay Inslee and the State Democrat party doesn’t have room for moderates anymore. Look no further than the 5th Legislative District Senate race where Inslee and the Democrat party are looking to take out the incumbent democrat moderate."

Please select your candidate wisely as the Senate seat in our district may just be the one that hits your pocketbook the hardest.

Danielle Garbe Reser, a candidate for the state Senate and a relatively new arrival to the district, is presenting herself as a moderate Democrat and the best return for your money.

Let’s be clear! If she should win this Senate seat and go to Olympia under a Democratic governor who has publicly stated he only needs two more Senate seats to have a supermajority, do you really think a rookie senator would be able to keep any of her campaign promises of representing Eastern Washington?

I’m not that naïve. Should the governor need one more vote to pass his liberal environmental agenda, the pressure would be on Danielle to cave to those who have bankrolled her campaign, that being the governor’s Seattle liberal friends who have contributed over $100,000 in an effort to get her elected.

If Gov. Inslee is successful in his pursuit of his environmental agenda, our taxes (and more than likely the cost of doing business) will skyrocket and of that I have no doubt!

Perry Dozier is a lifelong resident of our district and has no intention of letting it become an extension of the westside of our state.

Please join me in voting for Perry for state senator from the 16th Legislative District.

Judy Chamberlain Holloway Walla Walla

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