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A real voice for Southeastern Washington

Dismay is the best way to describe the tag line Danielle Garbe Reser has adopted in her bid for the 16th Legislative District Senate seat. She states that “she will be our voice at the majority table.”

I find this an affront to the legislators who have gone before. Consensus building has always been present among the Republicans and Democrats in Olympia. Sens. Jeannette Hayner, Mike Hewitt and Maureen Walsh and Reps. Dave Mastin, Terry Nealey, Bill Jenkin and Skyler Rude have worked across the aisle to keep our district relevant.

They have each brought a bipartisan approach and leadership on many projects.

It has also been stated by the Editorial Board of the Union-Bulletin that Danielle will be akin to former Rep. Bill Grant. Let me tell you about Bill Grant. He was a statesman. He wasn’t a career bureaucrat or executive, he was a lifetime resident of Walla Walla, a farmer and a steward of the land who understood the needs of Southeastern Washington.

I was fortunate to work with him when I was on the Walla Walla City Council. He knew what the municipalities and our district needed.

Let’s be clear, Danielle Garbe Reser is no Bill Grant.

One would also do themselves a favor by looking into the source of her many campaign contributions from the East Coast. Those contributions do not signal being a voice for Southeastern Washington, that’s a voice for continued bureaucracy and bad policy.

Speaking of lifetime residents of Walla Walla, Perry Dozier isn’t pretending to be something he’s not. He has been here all of his life.

He married his high school sweetheart, raised two wonderful sons and has actually stewarded the family farm for many years.

I have worked and been friends with Perry for 15 years. Perry has a true understanding of what our district needs. He worked tirelessly as a Walla Walla County commissioner. He is not a career politician, but truly understands how to work across the aisle to get things accomplished.

We worked together on several projects while I was on the Walla Walla City Council and he was a county commissioner. He understands budgets and sticking to them.

With his experience in municipal government, his work on the many boards and commissions he has served on, and his lifelong stewardship of the land, there is no better choice than Perry Dozier to represent the 16th District in Olympia.

Shane Laib

Walla Walla

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